Four Seasons Resort Bali – at Sayan

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FOUR SEASONS BALI AT SAYAN There are amazing hotels in Bali… and then you have Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan. When I started doing my research about hotels in Indonesia, Four Seasons was my priority. The Canadian international luxury chain, along with Mandarin Oriental and Kempinski are my favorite ones. I was very excited, not […]

Tugu Hotel – Lombok

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The more corners of the world I adventure to, the more hotel pillows I lay my head on, the more my idea of the perfect place to stay changes. Once upon a time, I’d have judged five star luxury on the basis of volume of marble in the lobby, minutes it took for the concierge to source tickets to a […]

Jeeva Beloam – Lombok

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Few months before booking my trip to Indonesia, I read an article about the new and hottest beach camp resorts in the world. That’s when I found Jeeva Beloam. Located on an untouched area of Lombok, this resort is the perfect place to relax and return to the rhythm of life. This luxury camp is made up of eleven […]

The Viceroy – Bali

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I heard about The Viceroy for the first time probably 5 years ago when I saw a photo of a gorgeous swimming pool next to a stunning valley of palm trees… it was love at first sight, and since then, The Viceroy was on my bucket list. It was pretty special the feeling when I arrived here. […]

Four Season Bali at Jimbaram

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After spending some days at the amazing Fours Seasons Bati at Sayan (read the full review here), we decided to visit the other propriety of the luxury Chain in the island, Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay. I love beach, so I was very excited to get my feet on the sand and enjoy […]