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Fly to U.S.A with Lufthansa

Fly to U.S.A with Lufthansa

This post was sponsored by Lufthansa.

There are few countries in the world that give us that felling “this is so familiar to me” like the United States of America. There are so many movies, photos, Tv shows, video clips that are made in the other side of the world that sometimes it seems that we have been there, without being. That’s what I felt when I arrived in New York, a city that has always fascinated me and where I went to study. I had a dream of living in New York even for a few months, studying was obviously a pretext for doing so, and I clearly spent more time exploring the city than inside the library. It is probably the most cosmopolitan and multi-cultural city in the world, offering visitors numerous attractions, shows, places of interest, museums, and shops … Many shops for those who love shopping.




But Uncle Sam’s land is not just about the famous “Big Apple,” the United States is a giant country of 50 states, with many interesting cities like Boston, Chigaco, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Those looking for fun can always fly to the famous and crazy Las Vegas and try their luck at the many casinos or watch the fantastic shows like Cirque du Solei or see some of the biggest music stars like Cher performing. Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon is like 3 hours drive, but there are countless nature parks around the country like Yosemite, Zion or Yellowstone.

Also not far away is the city that hosts the movie industry, Los Angeles, another city where I had the pleasure of living for a few months. I lived in the Hollywood Hills, just below the most famous sign in the world. I was able to rent a room (200m2) in one of those mansions that we only see in the movies, in this case in the Katy Perry video clip “I Kissed a Girl”. It was so cheap that we only believe it wasn’t a scam when we got there. In fact Adam, the owner of the house, turned out to be a new friend who just wanted to host and meet new people … money he already had a lot, lol.

Another city I met was San Francisco, a very interesting, alternative and artistic city with an interesting history. Known for being a city ahead of its time, San Francisco was the scene of those who struggle for freedom, especially the LGBT community. It has the oldest Chinatown in the country and is home to the largest Chinese community outside Asia. In addition, it has one of the most famous bridges in the world, the Golden Gate.

For those who love the beach, heat and party, Miami is the city to visit! Get lost in its turquoise waters, watch an NBA game, tour around Ocean Dreive, Lincoln Road and Collins Avenue, the busiest streets in South Beach with its ArtDeco buildings, the city postcard. Wynwood Art district is another neighborhood you can’t miss, there are dozens of shops and street art everywhere.



I believe that like me, many of you also dream of doing a road trip with friends on Route 66 in a convertible Chevrolet, right? Although I have been there several times, I still have so much to see. I keep the good memories of all my adventures and the certainty that I will be back soon.

For those who have plans to visit America, make sure you check that Lufthansa that now flies to the US on the Airbus A350-900 considered one of the most modern and eco-friendly aircrafts. It consumes 25% less fuel and as a result emits less CO2. In addition, the cabin pressure is almost half and the interior lights change with the biological rhythms of the passengers, benefiting relaxation and helping with jetlag. It also flies the iconic A380 to various US cities via Frankfurt or Munich. Who would like to make this trip ?! 😃
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