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Rimowa Travel Bags

Rimowa Travel Bags

I always had an adventurous spirit and since I was teenager I have my backpack. Unfortunately, nowadays I take more and more stuff in my bag when traveling, I have to take my cameras, the lenses, the computer, the drone, the steady-cam… multiple things that I need to make my travel videos.

For this reason my backpack was no longer the best option, you know, I’m always running in the airports and train stations. I decided that the best option was to have a bag with wheels. That’s why I decided to make a partnership with Rimowa.

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For those who are not familiar with, Rimowa is one of the leading brands in suitcases with over a century of history. Famous for its aluminum bags, the brand innovated over the years and today they have several bags manufactured with high-tech materials such as polycarbonate and Multiwheel wheels. The design is very similar in all with friezes on the outside. There are bags for all tastes. My favorite is the Bossa Nova. I have two, one of which 75L that fits clothes for more than a month of travel and a 32L cabin bag where I take the cameras, lenses, computers and other goods that I might need during the flight. They are lightweight and very durable. Both bags have a split system that allows storing and compressing the clothes so that it fits more quantity and in a more organized way.

For those who like to travel light and organized, this is a great option. These are my new travel “friends”, isn’t they beautiful? 🙂



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