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My journey in India – Travel, Explore, Inspire

My journey in India – Travel, Explore, Inspire

A trip to India starts before we step on the plane. Our idea of India is shaped by the myths and legends we hear about India from childhood.

Once on Indian soil, you have to forget everything you learn since the day you born. This image is confronted by the extreme culture shock of a strange new culture and society which is vastly different from our own.

Easily you get a psychotic attack or go through a nervous breakdown. The heat, the traffic, the noise, the filth, the smells, touts harassing you to buy this or that… Is everything you ever thought x100. However, India is a beautiful country and the perfect place for those many travelers searching for a change. We can easily give ourselves up and live some kind of dream (or nightmare), of utopia, and even release from the western way of thinking… The landscapes are stunning and the people are friendly always with a smile in their face. I really loved it, it was till now the most memorable travel i did, and you can see by the images.

Now you’re wondering… Does India make people crazy? Or do crazy people go to India? 🙂

Unforgettable India.