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Mykonos – 10 things to do

Mykonos – 10 things to do

Mykonos is known for its narrow streets with white houses and blue doors, for its parties, for turquoise water beaches. It is not difficult to fall in love with this island that promises to almost all tourists a crazy holidays. For those who do not know Mykonos, be prepared, is also the most expensive island in Greece, and a holiday here in the high season, can cost you a lot!

In this post I’ll give you some tips for you to enjoy your stay and don’t leave the island totally bankrupt. The first rule is, to try to visit the island in the low season when prices are cheaper. Stay out of town, you can rent a motorcycle and it will be cheaper anyway. Eat at home or take food to the beach.


  • Accommodation: Sleeping in Mykonos, especially in high season is very expensive. If you don’t feel like paying € 150 a night in a hotel, try to find an hostel, there aren’t many, but you will find some with prices starting at €20, for example Hostel Artemoulas or Paraga Beach Hotel in Paradise beach, but you should book in advance. For those who don’t have many problems with money, then I recommend MykonosBlu, Santa Marina Resort or Theoxenia, which is “glued” to the windmills.


Where to eat?

If you want to eat cheap you will have to satisfy yourself with Pizzas, Gyros and Kebabs, besides that get ready to pay above 40 € (with wine) and a meal easily reaches 100 € if you ask for fish or seafood.

  • Jimmy’s – Good and cheap!
  • KIKI’S – This seafront tavern serves delicious dishes, wonderful wine, the service is good, plus a super Greek atmosphere!



Where to drink?

  • Caprice – If you’re searching for “beautiful” people then this is the place. It is the oldest bar in town and remains the hottest!
  • CAVO PARADISO – Located 300 meters above Paradise beach this outdoor club is the hippest on the island! It’s best to take your bikini under your clothes, I’m almost sure you will end up inside the pool.




1 – Work you tan!

Yes, you came here for beach right? There are dozens of pristine beaches for sunbathing, swimming and dancing for those who enjoy a “sunset” to the sound of the best international DJs. See the list of the best beaches here.


2 – Get lost in the picturesque streets

The city of Mykonos is naturally “cute”! The streets with their whitewashed houses make this place ideal for 1) Take Pictures and make your instagram look marvelous (lol), 2) Sit with an old lady and learn how to Crochet, 3) Eat a beautiful Greek salad in one of the many restaurants Hidden there.




3 – Eat a Gyro at Jimmy’s

Cheap and delicoussss!


4 – Little Venice

The perfect place for a romantic dinner is in one of the many restaurants in small Venice, a seaside area where the view is almost better than the food. I’m exaggerating, lol, the food is also good!

5 – Dance

No excuses, here there are dozens of parties every night (obviously only in high season). The bars only close when the sun rises.


6 – Rent a moto or car!

Explore the island by moto, there are very beautiful places hidden inside the island. It is also the best way to get to know other beaches. The roads are good, no need to worry about that.

7 – See the Pelicans

Try to take a picture of the huge Pelicans that walk around the island – but be careful, do not annoy the animals.


8 – Visit the Windmills

They are probably the postcard image of the island. Built in the 16th century today, they are one of the most photographed places in Mykonos.

9 – Panagia Paraportiani

Visit this small city and the Agios Efstathios church, one of the most photographed in the world, because it is not just a church, it is 5 small churches built on top of each other.

10 – Take a boat trip

“No one sees an island until it comes out of it”, I always like to take a stroll around the island to see it from another perspective, here you have the added value to stop many times to swim. I’m sure it will be an incredible day.