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CRETE – 5 places to visit

CRETE – 5 places to visit

The largest island in Greece (and the 5th in the Mediterranean) has enormous charms… Beaches of turquoise water, mountains, wine, olive oil, feta cheese, greek yogurt, grilled octopus … My God, believe me, it’s going to be hard to get out of here. Oh, and I forgot to say, they are the nicest people in Greece!


Where to stay?

Blue Palace – One of the best hotels in Crete. You don’t need to leave the resort to have the perfect vacations since they have a private beach, several swimming pools and restaurants serving from typical Greek food to Japanese cuisine… but I insist, you must get in the car and explore the charms of the area.There are water activities to suit all tastes. For those who like to rest, the villas with private swimming are perfect to hide yourself from the world. More info about the hotel here: Website








1 – Balos Beach

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, famous for its thousand shades of blue, it seems almost a swimming pool given the calm of the waters. To reach the beach you have to do a little trekking of 30 minutes… it is in a remote place, difficult to reach and you must go down (and worse, climb) the whole mountain to get back in the car. But it’s worth!

2 – Chania

The region is dominated by the huge mountains and the famous natural park. The city itself is very picturesque and has all the services and activities that a tourist seeks. The architecture makes us travel a little to the mansions of Venice, which gives it a charismatic air. The city is also a paradise for gastronomy and wine lovers. Many wine cellars can also be visited.


3 – The region of Agio Nikolas, Plaka

It is the area where I stayed, very quiet, with traditional shops and restaurants, boat trips and wine and cheese tasting … besides said it has one of the biggest attractions of the island, the Fort Spinalonga, island that served as a “prison” for the lepers and which became famous in the book, “The Island” by Victoria Hislop. It’s worth the visit.







4 – Istro Municipal Beach

I don’t understand why this beach does not come in any guide, I find out while I was driving, it’s one of the best beaches I’ve ever been, it has such crystal clear water that it looks like we’re in the Maldives. It’s not very sandy but it’s worth it.


5 – Loutro

Do you know that village, on the seashore that you dream to live in when you get old? I found it, this is it! It’s not easy to get there but it’s an enchanted land corner, look at the photo, Am I lying?



Many people talk about Chrissi Island, they “sold me” as the “Caribbean of Greece” I went, I paid 50€ for the boat ticket (1 H) and I didn’t like it… it’s nothing special, it’s windy, the water is not so blue…anyway, maybe it was a bad day, the weather wans’t great to be honest, anyway, in my opinion it doesn’t worth the 50€.



This post was written with the support of Aegean Airlines.