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Share your journey on my blog!

Traveling is more than “going on vacations”, more than moving from one place to another… is also meet, learn and share! This way I dedicate this section of my website just for you! Here you can write about your experiences while traveling, the places you visited, what you liked the most, tips, etc… It is a way to learn from the adventures of others and also because I am very curious about my followers and where they have been!

How it works?

You should write a story/report of a trip that you made and you find interesting to share with other travelers. You must send your story to . It is important to say that not every stories will be published, only those who have quality and that are relevant and interesting for travelers who follow the blog. If selected, your story will be published on the website and social networks.

What are the requirements?

  • Have a maximum of 10,000 characters.
  • 8 photos with good quality of the trip. Copyrights just be owned by the author of the text. (To take part of this, you grant me the right to change and edit photos, colors, etc … Only the 5 best photos will be chosen to be in the article)
  • Have at least 5 tips of that destination.
  • It can not contain advertisement or mention any brand or product.
  • Can not contain links to other sites.
  • Have your name, age and location. You can also share a social network/email in case someone wants to talk with you.
  • Send your text to with the subject: “TRAVELER POST”
  • If the photos are too large you can send via (the link should come along with the article)

How do I know if my story was chosen?

Sometimes I am traveling and have restricted access to the internet. It can take 1 week, it can take one month. If your story is published you will receive an email with the link 🙂